ECHA Candidate List

According to Article 33 of the REACH Regulation, information about the existence of substances of the Candidate List for Authorisation in articles must be provided within the supply chain. The occurrence of such a substance in a mixture may cause the need for creation of a Safety Data Sheet – if not necessary for other reasons (see Article 31 REACH Regulation).

The Candidate List is published by ECHA. In the meantime a subset of these substances is also included in the Authorization List according to Annex XIV of the Regulation, but is (so far) still mentioned in the Candidate List.

Remark: This list is often referred to as SVHC List (SVHC = Substance of Very High Concern), but: by far not all SVHCs, i.e. CMR-, PBT-, vPvB-substances or substances with endocrine potential etc., are added to the Candidate List. So SVHC and “Candidate List substance” should not be regarded as synonyms.

Prosisoft takes over the assignment of substances to that list into the substance database. By means of the FCC calculations a formulation can be checked for the existence of such substances. Of course, it makes sense to forward the result of this list comparison to the consumer via the Safety Data Sheet. We have designed a corresponding statement in Section 15.