ECHA Classification and labelling inventory

One month after first putting a substance on the market its CLP-classification and -labelling must be notified to ECHA for their C&L Inventory. This refers to importers and manufacturers of substances, who place substances on the market as such or in mixtures. The ECHA has made clear that “pure” formulators are not subjected to this requirement.

On the ECHA homepage the inventory entries of a certain substance may be inspected via “Search for Chemicals”. In anticipation of the planned harmonisation of classification and labelling all notified combinations are displayed sorted by the number of notifiers.

Since for this harmonisation there is no mandatory modus operandi and thus this process will take very long, the “official” classification should always be abstracted from Registration data – if available. This information is also accessible via the ECHA homepage.

For future actualisations of its substance data Prosisoft will act accordingly.