FCC calculation modules

In the meantime for the Flow Chart Calculator FCC a.o. the following standard rule sets and calculations are available:

  • GHS: Mixtures are classified according to UN (Forth Revised Edition) and EU (CLP Regulation) legislation. CLP classification available for all hazard classes.
  • SDS: Master allocation, DNEL/PNEC- and (eco-) toxdata of ingredients, comments in Section 11 in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2015/830
  • Detergents Regulation (grouping of ingredients, data sheets)
  • Designation of biocidal active substances
  • Decopaint Directive (VOC content calculation, comparison wirth product categories)
  • VOC contents according to EC Solvent Directive and Swiss steering tax (VOCV)
  • Categorisation and tonnage thresholds according to Directive 2012/18/EU (Seveso III)
  • Heavy metal contents in accordance with CONEG resp. Dir. 94/62/EEC and EN 71-3
  • Contents of halogens, phthalates, residual monomers, solids, pigments
  • REACH: Registration status of ingredients, Candidate list substances (“SVHC”)
  • Releases for food package printing
  • Comparison with substance inventories: TSCA, DSL/NDSL, IECSC, AICS, PICCS etc.
  • Display of food allergen sources
  • MAL Code determination
  • Determination of the storage class for Germany (acc. TRGS 510) and for Switzerland

Many further calculations and rule sets can be configured quickly on demand: Free OH-groups, RoHS evaluation etc.