German Water Hazard Class determination

With the publication of the AwSV (Ordinance on installations for the handling of water polluting substances) in the Bundesanzeiger (German official journal) of 21 April 2017, this ordinance entered into force this year. In the context of HSM, the AwSV mainly affects the WGK (water hazard class) determination of mixtures based on their ingredients, which is to be applied from 1 August 2017. The corresponding FCC calculations have been available since the end of July.

The mixture classification method is now based on the CLP classifications (including M-factors). The legislator assumes that in many cases there will be no change to the WGK compared with the old classification method according to Annex 4 VwVwS. Fortunately, according to §66 AwSV, the classifications already made before 1.8.2017 remain valid. The uniform list of WGK classifications for substances (ingredients) published by the Federal Environmental Agency UBA for the first time in August has been included in our substance data inventory. The lists according to the old administrative regulation VwVwS have been dropped.

The newly introduced internal documentation of self-classification of mixtures, which must be kept ready for the monitoring authorities, will also be installed as a new view with the AwSV update.