HSM substance data updates

Here you will find information on the update status of substance data for HSM. So you can decide whether a data update makes sense for your company. Whenever possible, we therefore mention the modified substances. Latest changes:  10th ATP CLP RegulationAir limits 2018; new Candidate List substances: 27-06-2018; WHC (WGK) 2018.

Substances *: Latest major additions made with  6th ATP7th ATP, 9th ATP, 10th ATP CLP Regulation and corrections according to Regulation (EU) 758/2013

ECHA Candidate List: Additions of 19-12-2012, 20-06-2013, 16-12-2013, 16-06-2014, 17-12-2014, 15-06-2015, 17-12-2015, 20-06-2016, 12-01-201707-07-2017, 15-01-2018, 27-06-2018

Air limit values: Changes 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 

Water Hazard Class (WGK): changes 2018

Substance inventories: AICS, DSL/NDSL, ECL, ENCS, IECSC, NZIOC, PICCS, TSCA **

* Substances contained in the limit value lists or in the Candidate List are newly created if necessary. In the case of substance groups (e.g. thioglycols) at least one representant (e.g. sodium glycolate) is added.

** Assignments of substances contained in the existing Prosisoft substance list for HSM NAV