New in HSM Version HF4

Among other things, the version HF4 includes the following new features:

New features

The certification status of the assigned formulation as well as the versioning status of region WORLD are displayed on the substance (Released: yes/no) displayed.

Create Basic substance from Listed substance

This function creates a Basic substance according to number series specifications from the respective Listed substance including Listed substance header data such as CAS, EC No., etc. and a Master substance reference to the Listed substance itself. Such references can be created manually already today. If no values are stored with the own Basic substance, the property values of the referenced Listed substance will apply.

Substance reference check

This allows to check by CAS No. whether a newly-created substance is registered in national substance inventories, stored in the HSM as a whole, as for example TSCA.

Close all open requests

With this function, all open requests for the respective substance are set to status “Finished”.

New design functions

Of course, once again numerous adjustments, improvements and extensions have been made “under the hood”. New design functions are to be mentioned particularly. They open up the possibility of design configurations for displaying report content in a tabular layout and the output of phrases with placeholders.