Selerant GmbH news

Since January 2017, Prosisoft is a company of Selerant Srl. Please find more information hereIn the meantime, Prosisoft GmbH changed its name to Selerant GmbH. Apart from that, for our customers nothing has changed.

Selerant GmbH has recently been certified according to ISO 9001:2015. It was found that quality assurance standards had already been established even before the audit.

The name PROSISOFT will continue to stand for the HSM product line of Selerant, the integrated Hazardous Substance Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

From now on, our text modules (phrases) are available in Japanese and Korean.

For a long time we can provide the designation of active substances for biocidal products or treated articles (e.g. paints with in-can preservatives) and automatic creation of generic information for chemical characterisation is now available. Please see the current module description.

The official wordings for the headings of Turkish Safety Data Sheets in our phrase inventory are available for a long time. This also applies to the wordings of the H- and P-phrases. More information about the current legislation here.