REACH Regulation

REACH stands for the EC Regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation (or Restriction) of Chemicals. It was published December 30th 2006 in the EC Official Journal and has become effective with its scheduled deadlines June 1st 2007 in all EU member states.

All substances manufactured or used in quantities of 1 t p.a. or more – be it ‘pure’ be it in mixtures – must be registered with respect to their safe use at the European Chemicals Agency ECHA. Downstream users (DU) must receive appropriate information (keywords: Extended Safety Data Sheet, Exposure Scenario). In Europe, the structure of the Safety Data Sheet is fixed in Annex II of the REACH Regulation.

After the second stage of the registration of “existing substances” (phase-in substances) with a production quantity ≥ 100 t/a the manufacturer/importer has been completed on the 1.6.2013, now the final registration deadline for substances ≥ 1 t/a on the 1.6.2018 is the focus of interest. Another topic still discussed by manufacturer’s associations is how the DU information requirements for mixtures can be fulfilled best in practice.