Regulatory news

On 01-08-2017, the German AwSV (Ordinance on installations for handling substances hazardous to water) came into force. An accordingly modified FCC calculation of the WGK of mixtures is available. This calculation also generates a report to document the self-classification of the mixture (according to Form 2 of Annex 2 AwSV). In mid-August, the substance list of the UBA (“Rigoletto”) was also updated and in the meantime incorporated into our substance database.

Turkey has introduced new rules for the generation of Turkish Safety Data Sheets. There are new wordings for headings (especially with references to the respective Turkish regulations). These can be provided by Prosisoft as phrase update.The SDS must be created/authorized by a person trained and certified in Turkey (display of certification number on the SDS!). Furthermore, we have now taken over the official wordings of H- and P-phrases according to the Turkish GHS implementation ordinance which corresponds to the CLP Regulation including the 3rd ATP. Therefore, P362 was adapted to the current wording of P362 of the CLP (while the original Turkish text corresponds to the current P362 + P364).

On 21-12-2016 a corrigendum to the CLP Regulation was published in the EU Official Journal. The wordings of H- and P-phrases, as amended, have been incorporated into our phrase inventory. This also applies to the amended wording according to the 8th ATP. Please see an important note on this topic here.

A brief overview of the new or planned rules for the transmission of information pursuant to Article 45 of the CLP Regulation (notification to BfR or ISi), which is specified in the new Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation, can be found here.