WGK changes in 2018

With the entry into force of the AwSV (German ordinance on installations for handling substances hazardous to water), the WGK (Water hazard class) classifications of basic substances are published by the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) in the Federal official journal (Bundesanzeiger) and on the “Rigoletto” website of the UBA. The new regulation no longer has substance attachments (like the old regulation VwVwS). With date of 10-08-2017, all substance classifications had been taken over into this list.

In doubtful cases, we had already opted for the KBwS classifications instead of deviating classifications in the old annexes before this date, so that there were hardly any changes for GSM users.

In 2018 (download of the UBA list dated 26.09.2018) the following changes have been made:

Substance descriptionCAS No.Reg. No.ClassificationDate
N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine98-94-21144WGK 111.09.2018
lsotridecanol, ethoxylated (EO > = 8; average mass 476 g/mol)69011-36-59171WGK 111.09.2018
Boric acid, compound with 2-Aminoethanol68425-67-29466WGK 111.09.2018
Fatty alcohols, saturated, with even-numbered C-chain, number of C-atoms >=16, with terminating OH-group36653-82-4, 2425-77-6, 112-92-5656nwg28.08.2018